Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My journey to El Chorro

We went to El Chorro last Monday 7th .We met the teachers at 8.30 but they were late.They arrived at 9.00.Then,we went to the gym.The teachers checked the class record.
At 9.30,we wentto El Chorro by bus .We arrived at 10.30.We walked to a dam.Then,we did hiking,we saw the resevoir,cascade and different types of plants,trees and rocks.This hiking was very hard and I feel very tired.When we finished the hiking,we went to the resevoir to eat something and swim in it.
Many people were swimming in the lake.Then,we went to other place in the lake because it had boats.My friends and me were On the boats.We jumped in the water,rowed and swam to the boat.It was funny.
We took the bus at 7.00 because the bus was late.We arrived a Torremolinos at 7.35.
This excursion was very funny and very tired,but I liked it because I like nature :D

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