Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Scary Story

One child called Bryan was playing with his older brother Adam in the forest.Adan was singing a song what all the children sing it because it attracts the dark.The song is:
One is fire
Two is blood
Three is storm
Four is water
Six is rancour
Seven is fear
Eight is horror
Nine is penalty
Martydom is ten
Eleven is death
Twelve is life again
And Thirteen steps to the dark will not return there,for sure.
The dark appeared and Bryan run to his house.The dark captured Adam.
Few years later,Bryan try to find out how to capture the dark with his two friends.Smokey and Jake locked them in the dark house of the king of the hill but they scaped.Bryan didn't stand more and the song of the 13 steps to the dark in the forest,was very tiring,but he managed to destroy it.Because the dark wasn't destroyed completely it went on stealing children.
                                                The End !

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